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GoPro Shows the Inside of a Tire Exploding During a Wild Burnout

Over on the Warped Perception YouTube channel, they attempt to bring us a different view of scenarios that we might recognize in another way. Most recently, a video posted that really gives us a good idea of what they do was when the channel decided to mount a GoPro inside of a tire. The look was definitely something different. Obviously, we all know what a tire driving on the street looks like. However, viewing it from the inside was something that not many, if anybody, has ever gotten a chance to take a look at.

With the unique experience that we were all taken along for the ride with, the channel would put forward the phenomenon of breaking the Internet. After all, these sorts of concepts are ones that we would’ve never thought of. However, once we know that they exist, it’s kind of difficult to scroll by without clicking. I mean, come on. Who wouldn’t be interested in seeing something like that?

This time, we ride along as the channel takes on a familiar idea except it’s on an all-new level. Just like the last time, we watch as a camera is mounted inside of a tire. However, instead of just normal driving, they decide to push it to the edge. This time, the tire is taken to the extreme as a burn out is ripped to the point of destruction. Needless to say, the intensity was certainly cranked up a bit.

In the video below, we get yet another unique look at the tires spinning from the inside. This time, though, the tire erupts and the GoPro captures the entire situation. We had almost no kind of idea of what to expect going into a situation like this. However, the video is so mesmerizing that we can’t look away!

Warped Perception seems to constantly deliver with these oddities that we can’t help but love!