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GoPro: Valentino Rossi – Origins – Tavullia & MotoGP™

Witn an individual like Valentino Rossi that is absolutely a madman when it comes to anything with two wheels, you can expect some pretty insane displays. In fact, he might just be so good at what he does you can forget the guy has a personal life behind-the-scenes. However, in fact, there is a point in time when Rossi himself even puts down the motorcycle every once a while to get himself some down time and this time, we get the opportunity to take an inside look at what exactly he’s up to when he’s not only taking a break from riding motorcycles but also preparing himself for more races.

As you can imagine, with that kind of greatness, it’s not just bred from any old background but instead, lots of adversity and more effort than you could ever imagine. Lots of times, with these people who seem to be superhuman, we don’t get to take a look behind the scenes all that often but thanks for this video from GoPro, we get to take a peek at what Rossi is all about. It’s definitely a journey that we can get lost in an with some beautiful scenery and his hometown in Italy, we guarantee that your eyes are to be glued to the screen waiting to see what happens next and see what this man is all about.

If you follow along down the video below, you’re in for quite the treat, even if you’re not exactly someone who would consider yourself a motorcycle fan. Get ready for the experience and click the play button to immerse yourself in this wild world below. After seeing what it’s all about, be sure to tell us what you think of this journey into the life of an iconic motorcycle rider who is definitely writing history.