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SEMA Top 10 – #2 Roadster Shop ColoRADo

SEMA Top 10 – #2 Roadster Shop Colorado

Written / Edited by Mike Petruzzo

SEMA is a mix of nearly every kind of car or truck build you can imagine. Everything from a slammed pickup to a road race car to a Japanese hodge podge with erotic…things protruding from its door panels. If you know what I’m talking about, I’m sorry. Regardless, SEMA is diverse. One group who generally kill the hot rod and Pro-Touring game is the Roadster Shop. They always have some ridiculous cool car with performance suspension that will out handle new performance cars. It is crazy how far they go to build a quality car. An example would be their widebody Camaro race car we picked for #5. This year, they tried something a little bit different…


SEMA-2015-Wednesday (5 of 17)

Meet the ColoRADo, Roadster Shop‘s newest creation. This is as crazy as a Colorado has been yet, and probably will ever be. They built an entire chassis for this thing from scratch. The front uses a J-arm style suspension with custom 4130 chromoly front A-arms, spindles and trailing arms and a custom 4-link out back. It has 2.5-inch Fox Racing coilovers with 3.5-inch bypass shocks and 2.5-inch bump stops.  The front has 24″ of travel while the rear has 27″ of travel. This thing is nuts all around. It all works too. It isn’t just built to look like a prerunner. It IS a prerunner. They even took it out to the dunes and tested it out. Check out the VIDEO below to see it in action.

SEMA-2015-Wednesday (9 of 17)

The suspension works. It is fantastic. The sweet spot of this pickup is found under the hood. It has a 730hp Wegner dry-sump LS7 hooked to a 4L80E and a full-floater Currie 9″ in the back.

SEMA-2015-Friday (25 of 85)

This truck is probably my favorite truck I’ve seen at SEMA ever. The craftsmanship is beyond anything I’ve seen in a pickup. Their welds and attention to detail is absolutely insane. I would kill to take a ride in this thing on the dunes. This was nearly the #1 pick for SEMA 2015, but something extra special took my eye off of this truck. Stay tuned for the #1 pick and check out the rest of the SEMA Top 10 picks HERE!

Don’t forget to check out the video of the ColoRADo in action below.

Check out their Rampage Camaro on Blackhawk Raceway!