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Grandma Gets Arrested In A GT-R PRANK!!

Grandma Gets Arrested In A GT-R PRANK!!

Roman Atwood is well known for his crazy pranks, but this time it goes to a whole new level when he decides to prank his girlfriend’s grandmother into thinking that she has just committed the felony of Grand Theft Auto.

After doing his fair share of beating on the car, Atwood then convinces grandma to switch spots with him to “take a few pictures for the family” when all of a sudden, a police car rolls up on the Nissan GT-R claiming that they have received complaints that the car was, in fact, stolen.

Check out the video below as Roman nearly gives grandma a heart attack for a birthday surprise. We have a feeling that she will soon forgive him, though.

This life changing prank actually has a great message behind it, check it out below!