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Grandparents Reaction To a 870hp Toyota Supra

This is the internet’s Christmas Gift to us today, and we’re sharing the love with you, because this is one of the best reaction videos we’ve ever seen! It’s no secret that we absolutely love the reactions people give when they’re strapped in a high horsepower car and the driver drops the hammer, but this video has an unexpected twist that had us all falling in love as soon as we saw it.

The car is an 1,100 horsepower Toyota Supra – it makes 870 to the wheels, for those chomping at the bit to “correct me” for the disparity between that number and the number in the title – and our stars are the owner’s grandparents. First up, we have grandpa strapped into the harness and ready for his ride in the boosted Supra. The driver, who’s just out of the view of the camera, gives Grampa a heads up that he’s about to roll into the throttle. Pops seems to be ready, but when the turbo spools up and the Toyota begins to rocket down the street, you can see him reaching his foot out for that invisible brake pedal as he’s overwhelmed by the acceleration. He doesn’t freak out too bad, we’ve certainly seen worse, but he definitely wasn’t prepared for the ride.

Up next, Grandma takes her turn in the passenger seat. Same car, same situation, we expected the same outcome. However, Grandma’s inner adrenaline junkie showed up and won over our hearts when she reacted to the acceleration with an undeniably giddiness and actually clapping for more. We have to wonder if Grandma may have some ties to the racing world in her past, or if she’s at least some kind of retired stunt woman? There’s no denying she was not only enjoying the ride, but wanting more!

This is the stuff grandparent goals are made out of, so if you have a ride that makes a ton of power and a couple of grandparents who are willing to strap in for a ride, why don’t you throw a GoPro on the dash and catch their reactions for us!