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Grave Digger’s Grandson Shows Off Souped Up Mini Digger

In the world of monster trucks, there are very few names that have become as widely known as “Grave Digger“. With the classic 50s panel truck body and colorful paint scheme to match, Dennis Anderson has shown some of the most insane maneuvers behind the wheel of such a machine. Even though these trucks are downright massive, he seems to have found a way to defy gravity. He really has made the monster truck look almost weightless. Long story short, for those who are really familiar with the world of monster trucks, if they’ve seen a video of one of these things just making magic happen, there’s a very good chance that Anderson was behind the wheel.

This time, the paint scheme is the same and the body reminds us of that 1950 Chevrolet that Grave Digger has made famous. However, instead of a full-size monster truck, this one has been shrunken down just a little bit. For gearheads like us, we seem to think that there is no age that is too early to begin introducing our youngsters to passion. Anderson seems to be on the same page when he thought this one up for his grandson. Sure, the kid might only be a couple of years old, however, it seemed to be very much time to get the little man a Grave Digger of his very own. This one is just like dad’s, well, minus the 540 cubic inch big block, of course!

By following along with the video below, we get the chance to catch up with the machine that not only resembles Digger but is also a bit more muscular than your average Power Wheels. In addition, it even looks like it has its own custom frame and body. For a kid this age, this machine is definitely rolling in style!

@raceanderson2014 and I did some upgrading to his Grave Digger ride on! #RaceAnderson

Posted by Ryan Anderson on Wednesday, February 20, 2019


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