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Grown Man Blocks in 17-Year-Old, Confrontation Brews Over Parking Spot

While making your way along the roadways, you might discover that some people are a little bit more considerate than others and sometimes, when you run into somebody, hopefully only figuratively, who just so happens to be inconsiderate, you might find yourself engaging in a little bit of road rage. Perhaps, one of the most infuriating situations that you could be thrust into might be that of having somebody else steal your parking spot when you had your eyes on it and were just about ready to pull in. It’s something that people should have some courtesy with but don’t always choose to do so.

Normally, if someone were to “steal” your spot, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal and you’d probably just brush it off, as an adult, and realize that you can’t fight every single battle. The prize for “winning” an argument that might arise in a parking lot like this is literally only going to save you a couple seconds of time, if you can even manage to convince the person to leave the spot and head to another one. It’s honestly just such a minuscule issue that I don’t think many people would bother taking their time to address it.

This time, however, we drop in on a situation that doesn’t exactly get smoothed over when one motorist takes it to another level when he sees what he would deem as his own spot being taken by another individual. It was at this point that the 51-year-old man would decide to the block in the 17-year-old that took the spot. In fact, he wouldn’t just block him in temporarily but would wait there until the child would come back out of the store, continuing to try and pick a fight with him. Sometimes, you just can’t help but look at a situation and wonder what’s going through someone’s head and this is definitely one of those times.


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