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Grudge Racing Gone Silly, Mustang Given 17 Car Length Head Start

In the world of grudge racing, the name of the game is winning money. Sure, the love of racing still probably exist somewhere in this world but everything changes when it comes down to a dollar. In the name of setting up the race that could potentially be in the favor of one racer or another, you will see all kinds of different stipulations set up as to try and make it a fair race or have one party trying to get themselves an advantage over the other. Therefore, what comes about can be something that just boggles the mind as everyone tries to work it out and get a race going.

This time, thanks to the JMalcom2004 footage, we had the opportunity to check out a race that takes the concept of adding said stipulations and really takes it to the extreme. It can make you wonder if there’s actually any point where a couple of racers will decide that it’s just not worth racing because this one stretches out the concept to the absolute maximum. However, that doesn’t stop those involved from going at it with a vengeance anyway and competing the best that they can to try and take home a victory.

Normally, a competitor might be given a couple of car lengths at most and that’s it. However, in this situation, the race at hand takes the opportunity to give the “slower” car here 17 car lengths. From the angle that the video is happening, it almost looks like the car is starting almost all the way at the finish line. However, in any scenario, these guys prove that where there’s a will, there’s a way. It’s unclear where they came up with 17 lengths but in any case, they’re going to send them! I’m not sure about you, but for me, starting from that far back and still managing to take a win is the call for the ultimate set of bragging rights, however, it really looks, to us, like the confident part here should have been a bit more shrewd at negotiations.