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Grudge Racing Team Has a Secret Burnout Method That’s Confusing Everyone!

Drag racing on a track that is prepared for racing can be a challenge. Getting every factor of the car and the driver’s mindset aligned just right can really be easier said than done. When taking that preparation out of the mix, things can get even more complicated. Not only does the driver not have the sticky prepared surface on the dragstrip but they’re missing other factors as well. Perhaps one of the things that’s missed is the water box to do a burnout in. It might not seem like a big deal to bystanders. However, those in the thick of things see the situation differently.

In the case of no water box, most would just roll with the punches and spill out their own water to do a burnout in. In fact, at this particular event, water burnouts were allowed. Instead, the team behind this savage Chevrolet Nova decided to do things a different way.

No water was seen on the starting line here as the team decided to jack up the rear end before doing a burnout. Perhaps this has something to do with extra weight that teams will throw in the trunk to make sure that the rear tires hook. Others have speculated that maybe it has something to do with not wanting to break drivetrain components. We can’t really say for sure. What we can say, though, is that this is definitely a unique way of doing things.

Check this obscure burnout method in the video below from Da Goat Promotions and Fly Guy Promotions Cash Days. The event went down at Middle Georgia Motorsports Park. In any scenario, while this burnout method might not be expected, it’s hard to argue with results. JMalcom2004 had the camera rolling and trained on this old school Chevrolet as it laid down some serious passes!

What’s your take on this odd style of burnout?


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