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This GTO has the Craziest Shifter We’ve Ever Seen

In the car scene, it seems like there’re all sorts of people arguing about what kind of transmission is best. The automatic versus manual debate is one that will probably never end. However, this time, we take a look at a shifter that might just throw all those people for a loop. It seems like this one falls somewhere in between an automatic and manual transmission. The unit that is known as a “Kilduff shifter” essentially takes the liberty of combining some components of both configurations. When all is said and done, it looks like an interesting application to operate.

This time, such a shifter is equipped in a 2006 Pontiac GTO. The owner of the car who goes by Queens GTO tells us that it has a 4L65e transmission. For those who speak in part numbers, they understand that this information tells us the car is equipped with an automatic. However, when we all watch how exactly the vehicle is shifted, it might just throw some people off a bit. Instead of simply selecting a gear and driving along like most automatics, this one has an extra element. Multiple shift levers are used in order to select a gear if the driver should so decide to do so.

By following along with the video below, we get to see this unique set up and what it’s like as it gets driven along. Some might be wondering why exactly such a setup would even exist the first place. After all, for those who have a need for speed, it is a valid question. Most of the time, an automatic transmission shifts faster and more consistently. This gives it an advantage over a manual. However, something like this seems to complicate the matter a little bit more and defeat the purpose. However, the owner assures us that the car has been retired from any sort of serious racing. Instead, he had hoped that the shifter would add an extra dimension to the “fun to drive” factor.

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