Guaranteed Safe Driving Hack

When it comes to getting behind the wheel and being safe, there are a lot of laws out ...

When it comes to getting behind the wheel and being safe, there are a lot of laws out there to protect our safety. In many areas, the use of an electric handheld device isn’t allowed and some places may even take it further. It might make things seem a little bit difficult in this day and age where we all seem to have the itch to stay connected all the time, but for this man, he is bound to not let something like that keep him down as he hops to it in order to try and build his very own version of a safe driving situation for someone that has a lot to do and is also on the go!

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In this one, we get quite the hilarious skit comedy sketch of what someone might do when they’re trying to eat, drink, and talk on the phone all while driving. The video does take a minute to poke at some of the laws and/or people who are trying to drive and do a little bit too much at once. Regardless of who he’s making fun of here, you can’t help but at least crack a smile as he has all of these contraptions hooked up at once while he’s trying to pull out of the driveway to go on a little leisurely cruise!

Check out the video below that shows you this attempt at doing far too many things at once! With the way that people like to distract themselves while driving, I honestly wouldn’t be too shocked to see someone actually trying to do something like this while out in traffic! Be sure to peek in on the rendition of overdoing it down in the video below and tell us what you thought of this quick little clip!

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