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Guy films woman texting and driving and ends up crashing himself

In this age, it seems like we can tend to be quite attached to our devices. Some might argue that it’s only natural but in reality, putting down your phone while you’re behind the wheel more than likely isn’t going to suffocate you. Whoever or whatever happens to be on the other end of that conncetion can probably wait. I’m pretty sure that you not posting a status on Facebook for the next 20 minutes won’t completely destroy your social reputation. Instead, though, people choose to put their eyes on their cell phone and take them off of the road, putting not only their own lives in danger but selfishly, risking the lives of others as well.

This time, we follow along with the skit from comedian, Tom Mabe, as he takes the opportunity to make fun of people who; one: get behind the wheel while on their cellular device and two: Take the time to criticize people while also having glaring issues in there and character. If you thought this was serious, it might cause you to get little bit defensive, maybe even a little bit anxious about what happened to the people in the situation but, when you find out that it’s all a skit, you can’t help but chuckle a little bit and think twice about your own driving habits.

Sure, this might all be a joke but at the end of the day, it’s deftly something that we can see a lot of people doing. Check out this video below that shows off the instance that has a little bit of fun with the concept of texting and driving, subliminally bringing to light the fact that you probably shouldn’t partake in such actions yourself. Hopefully, after seeing something like this, we’re all able to Reflect on our own personal habits behind the wheel and maybe make some better decisions out there.

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