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Guy Gets Truck Stuck on Boat Ramp and His Buddies Try To Pull it Out By Hand!

If you’ve ever found yourself browsing in the section of YouTube that revolves around boat launching videos, then you probably have also found that there is quite a bit of failure out there caught on camera in regards to the subject. This guy came dangerously close to becoming one of those fail videos himself.

When the driver of this Ford Ranger would head out to a slip to dump a small dinghy in the water, he would do so successfully, but when it came to getting back up the ramp with the empty trailer, a slick surface would deter the mini truck from making that journey and this is where some quick thinking really had to come into play.

Now, if this guy had just sat there and kept on spinning his tires, there is a very good chance that this truck would have slid its way right back down the boat ramp and into the drink, rendering it useless and completely destroying the truck as it submerged itself under the surface of the water.

However, some friends would jump in to help an attempt to pull the truck out with sheer manpower and the help of a rope. Would it work? Well, check out the video down below that provides all the answers to the question behind this battle of mother nature versus a small Ford pickup to find out for yourself.


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