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Guy Gives Back, Surprises Best Friend With Dream Car

Success is something that is very rewarding for many people. However, once we make our way to a successful place, for many, it can be a time of reflection. After all, while some are lucky enough to be able to make it all on their own, most of us have some form of help. In most situations, while grinding it out and spending long hours to put the pieces together, there is someone somewhere along the way that really might have our backs. When the chips finally fall where they may in our favor, this can be a really good time to show some gratitude.

This time, we check in with a situation that has entertainer, Derek Deso showing how appreciative he is for his best friend’s role in making him a success. Back before Derek blew up on YouTube, he found out that he had a true friend when his buddy bought him a car on his birthday. It might not have been a brand new BMW, but such a gesture means a lot. For someone who can’t get around easily, a reliable car could really be life-altering. Therefore, Derek decided that, now that he’s had some good success going, that it was time to give back. He was going to give his faithful friend a brand new BMW.

By following along with the video below, we get to watch a clip that really puts a smile on the face. Derek’s buddy was really guarded, thinking that the prankster was getting ready to pull a fast one on him. When he’d finally seen how the plan had been hatched, though, he’d soon realize that he just found himself a really good friend. It’s videos like these that can really put a smile on the face and show us how gratifying it can be to share the love with those who have helped us the most.


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