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Guy in a RZR Sends it Too Far, Instantly Regrets the Decision

If you’re lucky enough to hop behind the wheel of an off-road vehicle like a UTV, make no bones about it that one of these things will be designed to be abused. Nobody buys a purpose-built off-road vehicle with the aim of maybe laying into it once or twice and driving around like it’s not meant to be beaten on, but instead, people generally stretch their machines like these to the limits, trying to find out where the breaking points lie and taking the poor 4x4s right up to that barrier. Sometimes, though, in this pursuit of action, things can get a little bit too intense, sending a vehicle like this past where those limits lie and potentially even putting the driver in danger.

In this situation, we check out someone who takes a Polaris RZR and tries to make the most of it, throttling down and putting himself in a place that had to hurt! There’s absolutely no way that this driver doesn’t at least walk away from this one without a scratch as this machine absolutely plows straight into a rock. I guess it all started after this ready and raring driver decided that he was going to make his way through a rock formation at full titlt. The driver really made his way through the obstacles with a full head of steam, thinking that there was nothing that could stand between him and the ultimate adrenaline rush in this off-road vehicle.

However, as he would soon find out, a sudden stop would definitely be one of those things that could, in fact, stand between him and getting that thrill. While he might have gotten his heart racing it couldn’t have been in the way that he intended as this one had to provide a moment where he realized that he absolutely had just screwed up big time when the machine found itself in midair and probably left this driver wishing he could hit the rewind button. If you check out the video below, you might just be able to feel the pain.


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