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Guy Puts Two Girls On His Bike, Fails Miserably To Show Off

When it comes to showing off, we get it. There can be a gratifying feeling in having the whole attention of the crowd on something that you’ve been able to accomplish. However, sometimes, when attention is all on one person, said person better make sure that they have all their ducks in a row. Otherwise, things can end up going pretty poorly in a hurry. It’s important to remember that with more attention comes more responsibility. In this day and age of cell phones absolutely everywhere, one can never really know the viral impact that’s about the come with one false move.

For this motorcycle rider, it appears as if he really wanted to go above and beyond. Not only was having a slick bike enough for this guy but he decided to put a little bit of a sideshow as well. Even in the scheme of regular sideshows, he would go above and beyond. In order to show off what he thought was his ability, he would recruit two women to help him out. Now, I’m not sure about anybody else but if I heard that some dude was getting ready to do a stunt with two girls sitting on his bike, I’d probably have my attention on it. It doesn’t look like anything else in this parking lot was all that interesting to detract from what this guy was doing. In hindsight, he probably wishes he never stepped up.

By following along with the video below, we can’t really tell what exactly this guy was going for. However, we can tell that he ended up crashing and burning pretty hard. It’s pretty cringe-worthy to watch as the motorcycle ends up taking off with all three people on top of it. This isn’t how a burnout is done. On the other end of whatever the stunt was supposed to result in, we would see a pretty hard crash as the bike wrecks into a whole group of other machines. That’s a major blow to the ego, if we’ve ever seen one!

Complete burnout fail..

Want to sit on my bike? I'll do a burnout for ya..

Posted by SCUM Motorcycle Club on Monday, March 26, 2018


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