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Guy Rents Out Porsche on Turo App, Customer Does High Dollar Damage

In this day and age, we are more connected than ever and the trend is only going in one direction that will have us granted access to more and more features as time goes on, without even having to do so much as moving an inch as one click of a button will be able get you pretty much anything that you could ever want and more. Therefore, it would make sense that the same thing happens with getting yourself a rental car. With the massive wave of the apps that we have seen come about, one that goes by the name of Turo has risen and proven its worth in the consumer to consumer car rental format.

The app definitely has lots of upside and tons of usefulness, allowing people to get their hands on unique cars that maybe they wouldn’t otherwise be able to grab from your standard rental car company. In addition, the business model seems to get rid of a lot of the confusing fees and hoops to jump through that go alongside your traditional rental car companies. However, as you can imagine, renting out your own personal automobile could be a sort of risky transaction as you never really know how the other person is going to end up treating it.

This time, we tune in to hear the story of a Porsche rental that didn’t end up with the happiest ending possible. When the car comes back to the owner, let’s just say that it wasn’t exactly in the condition that it was when he rented it out. Instead, the person who would end up being a customer in this situation would happen to slide off of the road and end up getting into a little bit of a tangle that caused some damage here. How would the situation get resolved? If you tune in to the video below, you’ll get the perspective of the owner of the vehicle who spills the beans on exactly what happened from his point of view.


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