Guy Tries to Catch Up to Bikes to Race, Girlfriend Yanks Emergency Brake, Worst Case Scenario Unfolds

Sometimes, actions might have good intentions but instead of following through with ...

Sometimes, actions might have good intentions but instead of following through with those good intentions, the result is something that’s a little bit uglier as it ends up getting lost somewhere along the way and things just seem to go awry. In this one, at least from the caption that goes along with the Facebook video, we would be left to believe that such a situation might have been what went down in this scene from Mexico. However, as you do see, the result here gets pretty ugly, to say the least. Let’s just say that this should probably be a pretty valuable lesson for anyone who lays eyes on the video like this.

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From the looks of things, when a group of motorcycles went barreling down the highway, somebody in Volkswagen attempted to catch up with or pass them. When you drive a high-performance vehicle, people trying to constantly race you is something that you get used to, however, what happened next, according to the video poster, is anything but ordinary as a situation that was somewhat common and innocent turned into a pretty crazy way to end the day as it’s said that the girlfriend of the car’s driver would end up trying to stop him from getting into a little bit of friendly competition.

As the video insists, she would then go on to pull the emergency brake of the car as you can see the rear wheels lock up without any type of notice. From there, it’s pretty much game over as the driver loses all control, leaving the vehicle to slide sideways and eventually roll over several times before coming to a stop. All occupants were reportedly ok and while several postings of the video claim that it was the passenger who pulled the brake, Mexican news sources haven’t reported that to be absolute fact.

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