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Hang in the Garage With Shawn as he Shows Off What Ten 3-Second Passes Does to a 4000 HP Engine’s Internals

One of the things to think about when taking on drag racing is that it can be very hard on parts and components. Some of these pieces are a little bit underappreciated but we’re quickly reminded about their importance when checking in with what Shawn has going on in the garage. One thing that can definitely be taken for granted is the fact that everything on board these incredibly fast cars is really beefed up in order to handle a beating.

It doesn’t just stop with the components under the hood that are moving quickly to combine for a stout 4000 hp. We also need to consider the brute force things like transmissions and rear ends that need to be able to take a hit from a massive tire, sticking to the ground and putting down all of that torque. All pieces need to be something special in order to stand up to this sort of abuse over and over again while remaining consistent and competitive.

However, no matter how well-built something is, there comes a point in time where it might need to be taken apart and put back together again. With competitors on the level of Murder Nova, this happens much more frequently. Sometimes, common maintenance is done and other times, entire parts have to be replaced due to the fact that maybe they just couldn’t take the heat.

This time, we get to see just how hard racers can be on components as we check in with a 4000 hp small block that has gone on 10 three-second passes. The engine that can be found under the hood of Murder Nova is one that we know is definitely going to really be put to the task. Let’s just say that Shawn isn’t leaving an ounce of efficiency out there!

By following along with the video below, we get to check in with some garage hangs that has this motor being torn down so we could see what it looks like after 10 hard hits. After checking in with this one, we think that some people might just get a new appreciation for how many processes are happening at once within an engine like this and how important it is for each one to work properly!