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Harbor Freight Issues Recall on Jackstands, Fear that Some Models May Collapse

Harbor Freight Issues Recall on Jackstands, Fear that Some Models May Collapse

With many recalls, they’re not really a big concern. Sometimes, the issue at hand is even small enough to ignore altogether. However, when it comes to a recent recall made by Harbor Freight, people who purchased one product might want to take a closer look.

In their most recent recall, Harbor Freight has reported an issue with jack stands that they sell. The stands that are designed to keep a vehicle in the air and act as a safety measure apparently run the risk of collapsing.

The recall covers Pittsburgh Automotive 6 Ton Heavy Duty Steel Jack Stands with the part number 61197.

According to the recall filed to the NHSTA, the issue has to do with the product not aging well. As stated in the report, the company believes that the flaw in production is related to more recent batches. However, it’s really not an issue that we would play around with. A faulty jack stand could prove to be fatal if not addressed.

Harbor Freight says in the filing that they want to be overly cautious in recalling every jack stand, newer and older, with the 61197 part number.

In their exact words, “For certain units, the ratchet teeth on the jack stand lifting extension post may
inconsistently engage the pawl to a sufficient depth.”

In order to remedy the issue, Harbor Freight says that it will be issuing a gift card equal to the unit’s shelf price.

In terms of Harbor Freight’s reputation, they are known as the budget tool retailer. From a purely subjective standpoint, it seems as if their reputation has been on a constant incline as they provide better tools every year. Just as we see with this recall, it also seems as if the team is on top of any potential issues.

In many cases, if tools aren’t up to the purchaser’s standards, they can be returned or exchanged without a hassle.



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