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Harbor Freight Lifts vs Your Personal Safety – Is This Thing Sturdy Enough? 🎥

When buying tools, there is an ongoing debate that we are sure will never stop. Around water coolers and garages around the country, it will always be a topic of discussion if buying cheaper tools is really worth it. Is the money that you save enough to justify something that might break sooner? Conversely, will the fact that you spent less money actually dictate that the tool will break sooner at all? Perhaps it’s all the exact same quality as the more expensive tool, thus making your decision for what you want to buy a little bit more obvious. However, this time, that decision gets a little bit more important as your personal safety is on the line.

The ante is upped just a little bit when you’re talking about hoisting your car up into the air. This isn’t exactly an impact driver discussion, after all. When you have all that weight sitting on the support, you want to make sure that it’s going to be able to hold up the pressure. After all, you don’t want your expensive machine crashing to the ground and getting damaged. More importantly, having a car crash down on you while you’re underneath working on it, could spell out an obvious disaster. That most certainly would be no good at all and really leave you to question this decision a little bit more than your conventional tool buying purchase.

Check out the video down below as someone who has had the opportunity to live with and use a Harbor Freight lift for a while sheds some light on exactly how their experience has gone with the lift. Is this something that you would be willing to purchase at a cheap tool store or do you think that a lift like this is something that’s worth spending a little bit more money on? These are the questions that we ask ourselves every day when it comes time to pick up tools that you are going to have in your own personal garage.

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