Popular Harbor Freight Tool Recalled Due to Possible Premature Failure

If you want to start an argument in a garage, bring up Harbor Freight tools. ...

If you want to start an argument in a garage, bring up Harbor Freight tools. There’s a good chance that some folks are going to love them and others are going to doubt them. That’s simply the nature of the beast when we look at an outlet that offers anything for a fraction of the price.

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No matter how good or bad Harbor Freight tools are, someone who just dropped a bunch of money on something like Snap-on is probably never going to admit it. However, te store definitely has some tools that are more than serviceable, depending on the situation.

Recall Alert

In a recent recall, we see that the customer service at Harbor Freight is being proactive. The store has actually become pretty well known for the warranties that they have and how they stand behind their tools. In many cases, if something breaks, you can simply go in and grab another one, free of cost.

This time, though, Harbor Freight appears to want to get out in front of what may become a premature failure. In a letter sent out by the company’s CEO and President, Eric Smidt, we learn that the ICON 3/8″ flex head ratchet might have some quality issues. It isn’t, however, a safety concern.

The letter says that SKUs 64697, 64699, 64700 and 64701 could all suffer from locking when torquing a nut in the flexed position. Those who have purchased the item can bring it back to exchange for another item or get a refund. In addition, those who have purchased the item will get a voucher for a free replacement when it’s in stock.

While some question Harbor Freight’s reliability, it seems as if they are highly aware of it. With a move like this, it shows that they truly care about what happens after their tools leave their stores.

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