F-Bomb Baggers Cruise The Streets In Style

Trends obviously come and go, but some last longer than others, for good reason. Of ...

Trends obviously come and go, but some last longer than others, for good reason. Of course, some seem to stick around far too long for no good reason, but we’re gonna focus on the positive, like these badass custom baggers cruising down the highway built by F Bomb Baggers.

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We know bikes aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, and even if you’re into bikes, you may not be into custom baggers, but that doesn’t diminish the passion and craftsmanship that goes into a bike like that, and we have nothing but respect for that. These bikes are visually very similar, but not quite identical. Both of them are rocking a full murdered out look, with black paint and black engine accessories that make the while bike look low, lean and clean. They also have custom bags that sit down low to the ground, giving them truly custom look thanks to the shop that did the builds, F Bomb Baggers. One thing we’ve noticed about baggers as this trend has caught on is how the bags themselves, once little ore than an necessary accessory used for carrying a few items along for the ride, have become an area that gives builders and customizers a little more area to work their magic and truly set their bike apart from the countless stock bikes out there on the road.

Perhaps the most obvious thing about these bikes is the massive front wheel on each of them. These are 30” diameter rollers that are undeniably aggressive. One has slightly twisted spokes while the other’s spokes are straight, but the design of the wheels appear to be very similar, lending to the whole “not quite identical but close” aspect.

I have to assume these bikes are also riding on airride suspensions, which means when the riders reach their destination, they can dump the bags and set the frame on the ground or close to it. F Bomb hit it out of the park, and these bikes are definitely works of art that any rider should be proud to ride.

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