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Hawaii Lava Flow Destroys Ford Mustang… So Slow It Can’t Get Out of The way!

Living in the state of Hawaii might seem like an exciting adventure. After all, being able to live on a tropical island and enjoy the weather all year round might seem like something that feels like a scene straight out of a movie. However, in the back of everybody’s minds while living in such a location is probably a scene from another movie, a movie that’s a lot less scenic and a little bit more terrifying. As it turns out, the volcanoes don’t just sit there and do nothing but instead, house within themselves lots of hot lava that could erupt at any moment and send you running.

As it turns out, as of late, the Kilauea Volcano has done just that, sending lava oozing out and rolling incredibly slowly over the Hawaiian landscape. While it might not be a fast-moving mass of lava, its ability to destroy is certainly unchanged and experts predict that it might soon start to chuck projectiles. The current slow-moving mass will roll over pretty much whatever is in its path and isn’t halting its momentum anytime soon. In fact, this time, someone was on location with a camera was able to film the entire thing as the lava rolled straihgt over a Ford Mustang, starting slowly, at first, to devour the car but as the mass would move in closer, only a few moments later, the entire car was gone.

If you check out the video below, you’ll watch the slightly terrifying situation that digests an entire car within just a minute or two. One thing is for certain: I wouldn’t want to be in the way that rolling mass in any way, shape, or form. Hopefully, that Mustang was covered by insurance because It looks like the damage done to the car is certainly beyond with any kind of body shop is ever going to want to touch.


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