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Follow Along as a Miniature Cybertruck Comes to Life

One of the fun things about the world of remote control is that one can create whatever they want. With a little bit of vision and the right tools, just about anything is possible. Sure, this could happen in the full-scale world as well. However, building a remote control Cybertruck is probably a lot more practical than re-creating the real one.

This time, we get to see just that concept come to life. It’s pretty hard to not have our attention glued to watch this custom machine come together. With lots of experience in crafting RC masterpieces, the FliteTest channel is at it again. With foam pieces that can act as a body, they’re off!

As one would imagine, creating a custom RC vehicle isn’t always going to be straight forward. However, because the Cybertruck is basically rudimentary angles, it’s probably easier than most. For example, we would probably be a little bit more intimidated at creating something like a Porsche as opposed to something that looks like a door stopper.

In addition to creating the Cybertruck, we get to watch as the crew tries to reinvent the truck’s reveal. In other words, we’re about to have a ton of fun watching the remote control vehicle comes to life! It’s pretty crazy that the Cybertruck hasn’t even been released yet and only weeks after the unveiling, replicas are already being built.

By following along with the video below, we get to join in with a load of fun behind the mini replica. It appears as if we aren’t the only ones who are incredibly excited about seeing the real deal released. I guess that watching re-creations like this could be a good way to level out that excitement just a little bit. What do you think of this scaled-down replica?