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He Crashed a Rented Lamborghini Huracan in Las Vegas… The Full Story!

You’d have to think, from the perspective of someone outside looking in, that a place like a supercar rental company would end up incurring a lot of loss from drivers who drive the cars and simply aren’t prepared to be behind the wheel of them. A lot of these cars make some serious horsepower and when you hop behind the wheel of one, it’s not as simple as punching a peddle and leaving. Sometimes, with all that power, when you do lay into the accelerator, things can get a little bit loose and the car can end up getting away from you. It’s definitely a pretty big risk to take on and that’s why insurance companies are always thrown into the mix somewhere.

This time, we’re treated to a little bit of a story where one of these situations just so happened to go wrong. When you crash a car that is worth a couple hundred thousand dollars and you don’t own it, you can bet your bottom dollar that there aren’t too many people or companies who are going to be ready and willing to come out of their pocket and pay for it, whether or not they also happen to be an insurance company. You can see where something like this could get a little bit sticky, especially when a vehicle that you’re dealing with is probably more likely than not a high-performance machine.

If you follow along down in the video below, you get a history lesson and how not to repeat it from the perspective of the man who managed to wreck a Lamborghini Huracan that was, in fact, a rental and how exactly he ended up having to deal with the whole thing. We wouldn’t wish a wreck like this on anybody but in turn, what might be even a little bit more frightening is the fallout that came afterward and having to deal with lawyers, insurance companies, and medical bills that would have to be expensed straight to the driver!