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He Gave Him 17 Car Lengths And For A HUGE POT!!

I’ll be totally honest with you right now before you even have the chance to blast me for a “clickbait” title, nothing in the title is false. However, the race itself proves to be quite the letdown to be honest, because I expected there to be a reason the white Fox-body Mustang was given such an insane head start. To be honest, it looks like somebody got hustled.

From what I can tell, this race would have been pretty close if the cars ran heads up instead of the Mustang has a huge 17-car length head start, because it doesn’t really look like the other car, a Ford Fairmont, made up any ground as they covered the 1/8th mile. With both cars being powered by small block Ford engines and both of them running on motor, this just doesn’t make sense. The only way these stipulations would make any sense would be if one was running all-motor and the other running on nitrous or some other power adder, or perhaps if one is mostly stock and the other car fairly heavily modified. However, it seems neither of those was true in this case, so that leaves the Fairmont far behind at the stripe after the Mustang won by a healthy margin.

One thing I do have to mention is the guy in the Mustang coming back up the track to celebrate his win. I have no problem with somebody taking a victory lap after a close, hard-fought victory, and I’ve even seen both cars come back up the track after a great close race, but this guy basically waltzed across the finish line with no dramatic finish and was given a seventeen-car head start, which is honestly absurd for any race not being held on a show about racing for pink slips. I can see giving a car the back tire and the move, but setting him out approximately one-third of the track is absurd.

And if you do get a win after being set out that many cars, you don’t go back up the track patting the gas as you’ve just won a great race. Instead, you go right on back to the pits and hope nobody comes by to make fun of you, to be honest.


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