He Let A Random Stranger In A Parking Lot Do Body Work On His Truck

You know that your truck is messed up when you have random strangers approaching you ...

You know that your truck is messed up when you have random strangers approaching you in a parking lot asking if you want some bodywork done. Now, by most accounts, this is probably a situation that many would take a look at and think twice about. At the end of the day, what kind of credibility does a stranger in a Harbor Freight parking lot really have?

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This time, we get to find out just that. As this creator was making his way to and from Harbor Freight, he would be approached by an individual who asked him if he wanted the damage on his truck fixed. Naturally, as the truck had seen better days, its owner was kind of curious. He was so curious, in fact, that he let the stranger fix the truck entirely in that parking lot for just $600.

Call me cynical but I would probably think that this would be a formula for disaster. On the bright side, though, as a YouTuber, it could also be a situation that could make for some great content, regardless of if the bodywork was done properly.

What’s life if you don’t take a couple of chances here and there?

By following along with the video below, we get to see just how good of a job this alleged stranger was able to do with the pickup truck. With something like this, there’s a pretty big opportunity for disaster. However, it seems as if the result is rather surprisingly good. Even if this was all a setup, which wouldn’t shock us on YouTube, that’s definitely not a bad job done for a couple of hours in a parking lot. We’ve definitely seen some people with proper tools and a proper setup do you a much poorer job with more time as well!

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