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He Sent a BMW Sideways Through Seattle with a Christmas Tree on Top

As gearheads, we tend to like to tie our passion for everything automotive into just about everything we do. Therefore, it’s only natural to try and take the passion for everything with wheels and turn it into something to help celebrate the holidays. With this in mind, each and every year, it seems like some poor Christmas tree is subjected to a high-intensity display that takes the car in question through the wringer, doing all sorts of maneuvers from burnouts to drifts and everything in between, all while a tree goes along for the ride. Sometimes, the tree is even all lit up!

This time, we join in with the owner of the BMW that just so happens to have LS3 power under the hood. This machine that appears to have been built for the drifting course and is certainly a force to be reckoned with as it absolutely turns those tires to smoke in a matter of no time at all. This time, however, the drift machine brings the festivities alive and it all comes to life when the tree is slapped on top, the lights are brought into the picture, and the tires absolutely refuse to stick to the ground as this driver puts on an awesome display.

Sure, Christmas might be in the rearview mirror now, however, if you follow along with the video down below, we think that you’ll be able to savor the last drops of Christmas spirit. In fact, we think that you might actually want to save this one for the next Christmas season so that you can get yourself into the holiday spirit once again. If you ask us, there isn’t too much that’s better than ripping through the streets, on a closed course of course, with a little bit of holiday spirit under your wings to make things all that much merrier.


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