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He Took His Heavily Modified Mustang GT to CarMax For an Appraisal!

We’ve seen it time and again, so much so that the focus seem to ha ve almost shifted in these videos. YouTubers across the nation are hitting up CarMax to get appraisals on their rare, exotic or modified rides, only to get some ridiculously low offer from the dealership.

It started out as a “I’m curious to see what they offer” kind of thing, but now it’s become a “let’s see how low the offer is” mentality, almost as if it’s a contest. The video below is a perfect illustration of the latter mindset when these guys head down to the dealership with a pretty heavily modified Mustang GT. The most obvious mod is the suspension, which has been swapped over to air ride and sits down onto the wheels beautifully when the bags are lowered. And speaking of the wheels, the great looking rollers are also not what came on the car from the factory. There’s a huge front splitter, custom rocker panels, a massive rear spoiler and a Whipple supercharger, just to name the mods that jump out at us.

However, as most all of us in the car community knows, if you modify your car expecting to get more than a fraction of that money back when it comes time to sell it, you’re going to have a bad day, and this point is driven painfully home for Chris when the dealership hits him with their offer like a brick to the pinky toe.

Looking at it from CarMax’s perspective, it somewhat makes sense because the mods on this car definitely voided the warranty despite the car only having 11,000 miles on it. Plus a car modified like this one is going to require a buyer basically looking for that specific set of modifications, and those are going to be few and far between. In all honesty, if he’d taken showroom stock S550 Mustang GT to the same dealership, they would have likely gotten a considerably higher offer based on the car being something they could turn around and sell much easier and quicker.

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