Head on Crash Into Barrier Sends Porsche 964 RSR Flipping Into Canal!

During the course of a race, just about anything can happen. When you’re ...

During the course of a race, just about anything can happen. When you’re pushing a car to the limit, cracking the throttle open and going as fast as you possibly can, carving in and out of turns, and otherwise putting every system in your vehicle to the absolute limit, sometimes, something has got to give. This time, unfortunately for the driver behind the wheel of this Porsche 964 RSR, something did give. Even worse yet, when the car decided to take a couple of minutes of rest from the job at hand, it came at the worst possible time, when the driver was under heavy acceleration and headed straight toward a nearby canal.

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In this one, we’re thrown on the scene as the Porsche hurries around this track, accelerating heavily, when all of a sudden, it appears as if the car’s steering gave out. Based on the cloud of smoke and the fact that the driver didn’t even attempt to turn the wheel at all, we would guess that was some sort of hydraulic failure unfolded that disallowed this machine to turn the front wheels and get the car around the corner safely. Instead, a just about worst-case scenario would unfold as the machine would plow straight into a barrier and go airborne, flipping over before it headed down into the water.

Check out the video down below that shows the situation as it unfolds right in front of our eyes, giving this driver a nearly worst-case scenario during this race. I don’t think that anybody would have bad enough luck to have this happen to them twice in one lifetime because in this situation, it really does look like all of the exact wrong factors aligned at the same time to make this wreck a reality. Who knows, though, perhaps the saving grace in this one was the fact that the water might have been a little bit more forgiving than landing upside down on solid ground.

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