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Here’s a Head Scratcher For Your Sunday: What was this guy thinking?!

This isn’t the record for the shortest video we’ve shared – that distinction goes to this video, which lasted just 9 seconds – but as far as telling a hell of a story in a short amount of time, this one ranks way on up there.

What we’re looking at requires both a little context and some assumptions on our part, so I’m going to try my best to walk you through what I believe is going on here and hopefully you guys see what I’m seeing. If not, please feel free to give me your theories in the comments on Facebook. To set this up, this footage from Mexico shows two imports lined up on a typical Mexican drag strip, ready to go head-to-head to prove who has the fastest car at the track on this particular night. However, the guy driving the car in the left lane seems to be flexing the rules of racing etiquette as well as general intelligence by having a buddy sit on the hood of the car as he prepares to launch off the starting line.

The theory here, at least as far as I can figure, is that the impromptu passenger serves the purpose of additional ballast to help plant the front tire at the hit, and then presumably is planning to push himself off the hood and out of harms way shortly after the driver dump’s the clutch However, as literally everybody reading this collectively mumbles “I mean, really?!” to themselves, things do not go at all according to plan for our fearless weight-adding friend on the front of the car.

As soon as the car launches, the fender rider is tossed unceremoniously to the ground while the cars both race toward the distant finish line. The crowd gasped collectively, but he hopped back to his feet almost immediately and seemed to be okay. We don’t know who won the race, and honestly, it literally doesn’t matter. Not knocking the cars, but if you look back at this race in particular, the only thing memorable about it is the starting line antics.


Here’s video of the shit show that went down lastnight in Mexico! Plz watch the guy I’m racing in this video! ENJOY!

Posted by John Val on Saturday, July 21, 2018


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