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Hellcat Brakes Malfunction, Car Catches Fire on Dyno

If there’s one thing that we never want to see, it would be our car going up in flames on the dyno. It’s certainly an area where things can escalate in a hurry. Even though the car isn’t moving itself, a variety of other parts are hard at work.

For one Dodge Challenger Hellcat owner, a scary moment would unfold as their machine would hit the rollers. Before they knew it, a fire began to break out after the rear braking system appeared to malfunction. When in the middle of a dyno pull, it’s not exactly like the rear wheels can be stopped instantly, either. Instead, the machine would have to come to a stop before the fire extinguishers would be broken out.

At the and of the day, luckily, it appears as if there’s nothing all that serious that happened given the situation to the Dodge Hellcat. However, for whoever owns this car, they probably had a slight bout of panic set in. The second that a fire breaks out, it’s almost instinctive to go into fight or flight mode. Fortunately, that didn’t last too long as the blaze was extinguished within just a couple of seconds.

By following along with the video below, we’re able to catch up with the situation. When all was said and done, it looks like the extent of the damage is probably going to consist of purchasing a new brake rotor, some pads, and perhaps refinishing a wheel. The caliper might be due for inspection, as well.

In situations like these, everybody has to be on their toes because who knows how this could’ve spread? Luckily, it looks as if they were prepared enough in order to make sure that the incident was isolated. If the shop were ill-prepared, the whole car might’ve gone up in flames.