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“Hellcat” Jeep vs Hellcat Challenger Widebody Drag Race

When it comes to cars that have absolutely managed to turn the whole community on its head, you can look to the Hellcat lineup to be just that nameplate. When they burst on the scene, I think that just about everybody was impressed by the 707 hp platform as it made its way out to dealerships everywhere in both coupe and sedan format, really providing one of most powerful muscle cars that the industry has ever seen, straight out the box. As recent as a generation or two ago, this is a power level that was even hard to accomplish even if you started modifying a machine, let alone from the factory.

As of recently, we have seen a new addition to this line that comes in a bigger and heavier format. It’s not a muscle car at all, but instead, Dodge has decided to take the Hellcat concept and apply it to a Jeep and thus, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is born. With the same amount of power as both of its predecessors, this new platform of performance SUV offers a really big punch for what it is. When you throw in the fact that it also has an all-wheel-drive system to consider, you can see where this thing would become even more of a monster! Just imagine having all of that power and torque on tap to launch out of the hole hard with all four tires giving you traction.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to get an idea of how the all-new Jeep stacks up against its competition with a little bit of sibling rivalry as it goes head to head with a widebody Challenger Hellcat. Sure, the Jeep is probably has an advantage thanks to the all-wheel-drive system but all that weight might bring it back down to Earth. It’s going be a true battle of AWD vs RWD To see which one of these machines is better out-of-the-box.