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This Hellcat Powered Jeep Gladiator Might be the Most Intense Jeep Ever

When the Jeep Gladiator originally came out, it was definitely something a little bit different. Sure, Jeep has produced pickup trucks before but it has been decades since we have seen a pickup effort from the brand. However, the Gladiator is doing its best to fill those shoes.

When it comes to Jeeps in general, there tends to be a ton of aftermarket support for them. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Jeep Wrangler was the most supported by the off-road aftermarket industry. Therefore, it naturally follows that there are going to be tons of options for the Gladiators as well. To support this, we would almost immediately see these things being modified once they finally made their way into the hands of the public.

This time, though, we drop in with a Gladiator that isn’t exactly your typical Jeep. Sure, these things are likely to frequently get different suspension modifications, bigger tires, and maybe some functional mods as well. However, there aren’t too many people who are out there engine swapping the platform just yet.

For this Gladiator owner, he decided that he wanted a little bit more sauce under the hood. If there’s one thing that’s not on the shortlist of priorities from most Jeep owners, it’s a high-performance application. That’s not necessarily a knock on the platform. It’s just not what it’s designed to do. However, gear heads like us simply can’t resist making everything that we lay eyes on incredibly fast.

By following along with the TimTheTatMan video below, we get to watch the insanity unfold as his Gladiator receives the heart of a Hellcat. Boasting over 700 hp, the Jeep is sure to get up and go quicker than most other rides on the road these days. In addition to the new heart, this thing received everything from a custom grill to suspension and even a custom textured paint job!