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Hellcat Redeye Gets Some Love to the Tune of 1100hp

Beyond the Build is back!

To get things kicked off for our latest giveaway, we decided that we would start with a rather strong base. Dodge’s Hellcat Challenger Redeye is one of the most intense cars on the market in factory form. It essentially takes our favorite parts of the Hellcat and borrows some architecture from Dodge’s Demon, combining them into one insane package.

When all is said and done, we have a widebody Dodge Challenger cranking out 797 horsepower. What a time to be a muscle car fan.

However, as this is a giveaway car, we wanted to do something incredibly special. It was time to turn up the volume a little bit. Instead of just giving away a typical Hellcat Redeye, the goal at hand here was to bring a little bit more power to the table. In order to do that, we joined forces with our friend, Brenton Brown, from Forza Tuning and Performance.

Brenton Really knows his way around these cars and if there’s one guy who’s really going to make this thing special, he’s our guy. To kick off the latest season of Beyond the Build, Brenton gives us a rundown of what exactly he plans on making happen with this car. How exactly can you take an iconic machine like this and make it even better?

Essentially, Brenton informs everyone that the idea is to bring power and reliability together in the perfect package. Sometimes, rightfully so, high horsepower cars get the reputation of being unreliable. Stretching out the limits of factory performance can get a little bit testy when someone unexperienced is behind the wrench. Luckily, that’s not the case with Brenton as he has a solid track record of building insane Hemi powered monsters.

By following along below, we take the first step in what it’s going to take to bring a monster to the table for one lucky winner.

Want a shot to win this badass machine? Click here to see how it’s done. – Speed SOciety


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