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Helleanor Mustang CRASH vs Monza’s Sinister Split Bumper

Helleanor vs Monza’s Sinister Split Bumper wreck

About a week or so ago, we were introduced to the insane “Gone in 60 Seconds” inspired Chevy powered Ford Mustang known as “Helleanor.” The car drew national attention and for good reason, it is bad to the bone, and that’s being conservative.

Unfortunately, the ‘Stang suffered a painful fate this past weekend at the OKC No Prep Race. When Helleanor lined up with Street Outlaws‘ own Monza in his split bumper Chevrolet Camaro, the situation escalated quickly from a fun race to a situation that became difficult to watch.

Check out the video below as Helleanor grabs the win but gets sideways and ends up being taken out by the wall. In this bizarre race, Monza also gets loose and ends up making a miraculous save.

Fortunately, both drivers were fine after the crash and sources say that Helleanor should be back out as strong as ever soon. Maybe big power cars should try to stay away from unprepared surfaces.