‘HELLEANOR’ TT Chevy Powered MUSTANG!!! 2000+hp

‘HELLEANOR’ TT Chevy Powered MUSTANG!!! 2000+hpFLASH SALE!!!! click the ...

‘HELLEANOR’ TT Chevy Powered MUSTANG!!! 2000+hp

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While this car will in all odds get a vast majority of haters riding the Ford train, we think that any true enthusiast should be able to appreciate this 2500hp Eleanor tribute Ford Mustang powered by a 388ci SBC power plant.

With a car like this “Gone in 60 Seconds” could have been retitled “Gone in 6 seconds.” Check it out as this awesome replica rips off several 4-second eighth mile passes. What do you think of this build? Are we correct in saying all should appreciate it or is it total blasphemy?

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