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Helmet Saves Scooter Rider’s Life, Concrete Truck Rolls Right Over His Head!

Each and every day, when it comes to our friends who ride motorcycles, we see people heading out in the streets without any protective gear on. When you see something like this, one can’t help but wonder how people ride out every day without any safety gear on. Sure, a situation like this might be a longshot but the fact the something like this could happen at all is definitely enough for us to do the bare minimum of slapping on a helmet. After you see something like this, which we have to warn you is a bit graphic, you can’t help but cringe and also realize how lucky this rider really was.

The situation unfolded incredibly quickly as the rider was simply cruising down the street, when all of a sudden, all hell would be unleashed when a door opened right in the scooter’s path. This would leave the rider with no opportunity to be able to react, therefore, the individual behind the handlebars gets tossed to the ground. The situation might not have been all that bad but when you consider the fact that there was a massive truck rolling by and threatening rider’s safety as it continues to roll over its head, you realize how big of an issue this has so quickly evolved to be.

If you follow along down below, you’ll see the security footage that captured the terrifying moment from that day, showing us the scene as this individual looks death straight in the face and was able to overcome it just because of the one and only fact that he was wearing a helmet. If it were any other way in this situation, we’re pretty sure that a massive truck like that rolling over the guy’s head definitely would’ve laid out a death sentence.