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Hemi in the Basement: This 1970 ‘Cuda is the ULTIMATE Find!

It’s amazing to think about all of the cars across the globe that have been forgotten about. Within the scope of those machines, once in a while, we come across a rare bird. Sometimes, the rarity factor isn’t where the excitement ends, though.

In addition to stumbling upon an awesome car, when we look at something like this particular Plymouth Cuda, we find something with low miles as well. Not only is it a machine that would make any gearhead’s eyes pop out of their head. It’s also something that’s basically brand-new. The Cuda has only 149 original miles on it.

The car acts as a sort of time capsule, delivering us a machine that hasn’t really been through all the weathering that the world has to offer. Naturally, most barn finds like this have been exposed to mother nature. Let’s just say that she usually isn’t kind to old school cars.

This time, we get to hear a little bit more about this car and what makes it so unique. Of course, we also get the complete tour to see exactly what makes this 1970 Cuda so incredibly special. It’s just one of many cars in Milburn Varner’s collection that gets us all revved up.

The car was designated as a drag car which probably means that it had quite a rough life. We wouldn’t be shocked if most of those 149 miles we’re done at wide-open throttle. However, knowing that it was put to use like that makes it all that much cooler. In addition to being able to see what exactly automotive culture was like back then, this one gives us a peek into drag racing as well.

By following along with the video below, the Hot Rod Hoarder gives us the inside scoop on this diamond in the rough. Just taking one peek at this thing kind of makes us wonder what other kinds of drag racing gems are hiding out around the globe.