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Here’s the Absurd Car Collection Bought by Fortnite Streamers

For those who grew up before the internet really started booming, doing something like playing video games was seen as a waste of time. For all intents and purposes, at the time, there wasn’t much evidence to the contrary. After all, if history spells out the story, video games had just been a way to get away from reality while rotting your mind a little bit. There’s definitely nothing wrong with a little bit of escapism. However, parents of that era had good reason to worry if their kids were attached to a console all the time.

These days, things have surely changed. In fact, currently, just about anything that somebody finds interesting can probably generate money online in some fashion. Sure, it’s going to take some dedication and probably a little bit of talent. However, even the likes of playing video games have been met with massive amounts of cash. Some streamers have even reportedly been cited pulling in $500,000 per month.

Now, obviously, that’s not going to be a case that’s replicated by everybody. Naturally, though, a couple of rungs down the ladder, there’s still a plush living to be made.

This time, we follow along with a crew of guys who calls themselves “One Percent.” As it turns out, the crew has made their fortune playing a game by the name of Fortnite. The massively popular platform has opened up doors for many who aspired to build a career in the video game world and One Percent is certainly hitting their marks.

Below, we find a video that shows off just how well they’ve hit their marks. After all, what is making millions of dollars worth if you can’t show off your exotic car collection? After watching a video like this, it might just encourage some to be a little bit more open-minded. There are definitely some video game naysayers who are likely sticking their foot in their mouth right about now.

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