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He’s Owned and Driven the Same Model T For Over 70 Years!

In this day and age, it seems like things aren’t repaired and maintained as much as they used to be. In an age of excess, we find that many times, people will simply get rid of their old things. Sometimes, we want to be resourceful here and there but overall, most will just move on with their lives. They’ll spend the extra money to get something newer.

Randall Pitman is 87 years old, says CBC News. Naturally, we would think that anyone who has been driving for as long as he has, they’ve probably gone through their fair share of automobiles. However, instead, he’s driving a vehicle that was produced before he was even born. The plot twist is that he purchased the vehicle when he was just 17 years old. Pitman procured the Model T at auction for just $47.50 in 1949.

This love affair isn’t exactly what you’re picturing, either. Most are probably thinking that he has a newer vehicle and just pulls this one around, maybe racking up some light miles with it on the weekend. However, Pitman frequently travels to car shows. Recently, he says that he has taken it on a flatbed to a couple of shows. However, he trudges over a couple of hundred miles to others. These miles weren’t traveled on a trailer or flatbed, either.

For those thinking that Pitman is going to just stick with one reliable old Ford, think again. He is currently restoring another 1927 Model T along with his truck. This is a passion that we definitely can’t help but admire.

Sure, back in the day at $.10 per hour, it was difficult to purchase a vehicle, even at less than $50. However, even accounting for inflation, we would say that the average of less than $.70 per year has made this machine more than worth it, that is, if you can even put a value on smiles per gallon.

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