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Hidden Camera Shows Reactions to RWD SR20 Swapped Honda at a Car Show

Here the car community, brownie points can be earned in a variety of different ways. Perhaps, one way to get the attention of people at a car show is a simple and clean build. It might not do anything too over-the-top but car enthusiasts and people who have worked on cars can really appreciate when a lot of hard work has gone into optimizing a platform, even though it might not exactly be as flashy as a rolling UFO.

Let’s be honest, though. While we definitely can appreciate a super clean build, seeing something different is what gathers the most attention. At the end of the day, somebody who thought outside the box and executed on a high-level will really be the one who draws the eyeballs.

This time, we check out a car that definitely has a variety of different factors in play. From what we can tell, the machine that’s been nicknamed the “Nissonda” takes the opportunity to mash together creativity and a clean build in one. For starters, the platform in question is none other than a Honda Civic. Yep, it’s that same Honda Civic that your grandma probably used to get to the grocery store.

However, this particular Civic isn’t necessarily a conventional ride. As we know, the model is predominantly front-wheel-drive, even though there are some all-wheel-drive cars lurking around here and there. With this example, we check in with the Civic that is not only rear-wheel-drive but has also received a Nissan SR20 heart.

Needless to say, this combination is going to draw some attention at your local cars and coffee. Therefore, we follow along with a video from Jimmy Oakes as he shows us what the people think of the car.