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Hidden Cameras Take on Car Dealership Service Ripoffs

When it comes to getting your car worked on, there certainly are a lot of different ways that you can go but with what you have probably heard about the car service industry, for someone who isn’t exactly mechanic themselves, it can be quite a daunting experience to get your vehicle serviced. For many, they might take their car back to the dealership where they bought it, thinking that a dealership approved by the brand would be the best place to get their ride serviced. However, as this video shows, even dealerships get in on the cash grab that is car service.

As it turns out, the less that you know, the more that they will take advantage of you. Everybody knows that dealerships tend to have a reputation charge a lot more for parts and service (typical) but what a lot of people don’t know it that they will even try to upsell you, getting you to purchase parts and service that you don’t even need all while telling you that what they’re trying to sell you is necessary for your car and its mileage. It’s really a scary situation to get yourself tied up in as it seems like there are very few people in this industry that you can really trust.

Follow along down in the video below as a couple of experiments are run with a local dealership along with a hidden camera to see just exactly how honest these places are being. Are these dealerships running scams or are they trying to deliver as honest of service as they can? In addition, the video gives you quite a handful of helpful tips that will be able to help you determine how to service your car and break down any sort of extras that the dealership is trying to get you to spend your money on. We all want to be safe and have a reliable car but on the other hand, spending too much money just isn’t in the cards for most people.