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Guy Beats High Rent, Lives in a Tesla Model X Instead

When it comes down to it, the expense of living these days can be pretty harsh. Not only do we have the bills that come along with having our own place but also all the peripheral expenses to come into play. They might not seem like much individually, but the power bill, water bill, and even electricity can end up tallying up in a hurry. This doesn’t even incorporate all those surprise expenses. Before we know it, the budget my just be getting tighter and tighter as everything seems to be going up in price. There are certainly alternatives to purchasing a home that might have somebody doing something like renting. However, this individual decided that he would do away with the traditional dwelling altogether.

Instead of living it any sort of traditional home, this former employee of Tesla decided that he would have his home on the move. We’re not sure how purchasing a $100k SUV to live out of exactly plays into the “saving money” theme. However, the lower overhead that goes along with it would sure be nice. All of those bills that we previously mentioned pretty much cease to exist with a setup like this. It might raise some questions, though, as to how much of a challenge it would be to live inside an SUV.

By following along with the video below, we get a detailed rundown of what exactly a lifestyle like this is all about. Sure, this thing might not have all of the creature comforts of home but it does have a little bit of upside. There’s something about shunning all the bills associated with everyday life that just seems so liberating, at the end of the day. After seeing exactly how something like this goes down, do you think that you would have what it takes to be able to live out of something like a Tesla Model X?