High School Engineering Team Sends GoPro To Space In Amazing Footage

I’m not sure how many people I speak for but back in high school, I ...

I’m not sure how many people I speak for but back in high school, I remember doing very basic science experiments. When it comes to what the Engineering Club at Arnold High School in Panama City Beach, FL was able to accomplish, though, it really looks like they went for gold on this one. In fact, they created something so awesome that it is managed to garner over 1 million views in a short amount of time on YouTube. Regardless of expectation, it’s something that you can color us impressed with.

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The creation that we see here is the culmination of what we’re told is a high-altitude weather balloon. Now, instead of just sending it up into the sky, it would appear as if the crew behind this one wanted to do a little bit of filming to see the journey that the balloon would go on. Therefore, they would, of course, strap a GoPro camera to it to record the entire event. GPS was also coordinated just to make sure that the balloon would find its way back home after traveling over 100 miles, when all was said and done.

When following along with this one, we get to see quite the unique view as the balloon makes its way to 90,000 feet above the ground. The journey seemed to last about three hours and the entire thing was captured to be seen down in the video below. We have to give a “hats off” to this engineering program as they really show us what’s possible with just the right amount of determination. The club who surely invested lots of hours in this one should be proud as they really accomplished something awesome here. It seems like the future is bright for the young individuals who executed on a high level here!

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