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High Speed Show Off Fail! (In Cab Footage)

While most of us have probably had the urge to show off our skills behind the wheel before, we’re going to venture to say that it’s a rarity that something of this magnitude would happen to anyone. We get it, you have a need for speed that you really want to execute but you really need to pick your spots. Something like this looks like it probably was pretty avoidable but the driver managed to slide his way right into bad situation as tackled head-on. The result looks like it was mighty painful as two cars, if not more, collided and essentially became one.

When this driver’s foot took him a little bit further than his skills could carry him, he ended up in about the worst possible situation imaginable. After laying into the long, skinny pedal like a madman, the driver rolled his car straight into a collection of other vehicles on the road as it looks like he didn’t have enough time to stop before he ended up locking up his brakes and ending in what was probably about one of the worst-case scenarios for anyone who is rocketing out of control on the highway like this.

Check out the action in the video below that has this Volkswagen driver wishing that he was a little bit more careful with his reckless driving habits as he ends up showing off a little bit too much and getting out beyond where he’s capable. It’s really a situation that you wouldn’t wish on anyone as the driver really started pushing and one thing would lead to another before it all spiraled out of control, making this driver wish that he could take a couple of steps back and assess the situation once again. Unfortunately, we have yet to find the rewind button on life just yet.