Higher Speed Limits Safer? 85mph Zone Says YES

Higher Speed Limits Safer? 85mph Zone Says YESclick the image below and get entered ...

Higher Speed Limits Safer? 85mph Zone Says YES

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Speed limits in many states across the country were put into place years ago. Obviously, years ago cars were much less safe and much less powerful. In other words, they could hardly get out of their way without trouble!

Recently, we checked out a few statistics brought to our attention by Hot Rod Magazine that suggest that raising the speed limit in some cases has actually produced a drop in the amount of traffic crashes.

Since the 80mph and 85mph speed limit implementations in Utah, Hot Rod says, ” Utah highway officials state highway crashes have dropped annually, and on top of that more drivers are complying with posted speed limits than before the increases.”

The main idea behind all of this talk is that with higher speed limits and more able cars, drivers will pay more attention to driving and be less bored should limits be upped. Who really can stand going 55mph when driving for hours at a time?

There is always an opposition to any debate, so we will leave it in your hands. Is raising the limit worth it or are most drivers unable to handle a faster pace of traffic?

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