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Meet “Hodor,” The SuperYacht, The Ship Thats Breaking The Internet. (Build Timelapse)

When casually browsing the yacht catalog and looking at all of the things that would take a lifetime to afford, one might notice a few things. For the vast majority of these ships, they end up being pretty darn big. After all, how is one going to fit all of the luxury and utility items imaginable on a small craft? These vessels must take a good amount of time to actually design and put together, right?

This time, we take a closer look at a massive vessel that goes by the name of “Hodor” created by Incat Crowther.

In total, the boat chimes in with a length of 217 ft. It’s kind of hard to be brief with the description of what’s on board but we’ll try to deliver the Cliffnotes. Essentially, the vessel has plenty of living quarters and lots of room to entertain. Where it really gets fun is figuring out how to design what the creators say is onboard storage space for additions like a submarine. Also included in the plans is a scuba diving equipment sanctuary. In addition, we see that the boat even has the likes of a hospital and decompression chamber available to use. Long story short, this is more than your typical yacht even before considering the onboard certified helipad.

By following along with the video below, everyone who ever wondered how something like this comes together will be given some answers. With something this massive, the process is anything but easy. It looks like the vessel almost has to be constructed in a manner similar to that of a building. With lots of machinery aided by manpower, eventually, the massive boat ends up taking shape. When all is said and done, Hodor is going to be one awesome way to spend a day… or year out on the open water.



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