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Better Hold on Because There’s No Way Out of This One

Every once in a while, you may come across a situation that makes you wonder exactly what in the world somebody was thinking. When you watch a video like this, it almost makes you get lost as you watch a driver pull off a maneuver that you didn’t think that any human being would be boneheaded enough to try out for themselves, however, lo and behold, somebody in this video really managed to pull off a pretty bad lane change in traffic that nearly made catastrophe unfold out there on the highway that day.

It’s pretty hard to watch as we get the perspective of a big rig driver, barreling down the highway and minding his own business. The very next moment, it seems as if a small car is pulling directly in front of the massive machine, not leaving any gap and failing to realize that a truck this big might take a couple of seconds to make an adjustment in their driving pattern. However, the car proceeds to cut off the big truck which leads the driver to either jam on the brakes and swerves or completely clobber the car.

If you follow along in the video below, you’re able to watch as the driver elected to lock up his brakes and skid into the next lane, which then causes another big rig to slide into the median. If it weren’t for these two semi-truck drivers acting quickly and in just about the most perfect way possible, this one could’ve really gotten out of control in a hurry.

It certainly did derail the trucks but it doesn’t look like any of the vehicles or people in the situation ended up getting hurt so I guess that’s a plus. What certainly isn’t a plus, though, is that the driver who caused the entire accident ended up getting on an exit ramp and skating off into the distance without even stopping to make sure that everything was alright.